Adding Category For Specific Pages in WordPress

Can you add a category for specific pages in WordPress?

The answer is yes however WordPress by default won’t let you do this but it’s possible with coding or you can use a plugin such as Add category to pages.

Let me show you how to do it.

Go to your WP admin dashboard and create a new page if you have not installed this plugin you should install it first.

You can see there is no option to select a category for specific pages but it will appear once I install and activate the plugn.

After installing the plugin the option appeared.

category option for pages in WordPress after installing the plugin.
From installing this plugin to activating you can see there is now an option to add pages in categories.

That’s how simple it is.

What is a WordPress category?

A category is a way of organizing your content. You can think of it like a table of contents for your website. By assigning a category to your posts, you can help your readers find similar content on your site.

How do I create a WordPress category?

Creating a category in WordPress is easy! Just go to the Posts » Categories page and add a new category.

How do I assign a post to a WordPress category?

When you’re creating or editing a post, you’ll see an option to choose a category for that post. Simply select the category (or categories) you want from the list.

Can I have more than one category for a post?

Yes! You can assign a post to multiple categories if you want.

How do I delete a WordPress category?

Deleting a category is just as easy as creating one. Just go to the Posts » Categories page and hover over the category you want to delete. A “Delete” link will appear – click it, and the category will be deleted.

I hope you enjoyed staying tuned for more WP-related tutorials.

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