How to move from Yoast to SEO Framework?

If you want to move from yoast to SEO Framework and don’t want to mess with your SEO plugin settings like sitemap Site Structure Options then keep on reading for step by the step migration process.

First, you need a plugin that will help you to migrate all your SEO stuff to SEO Framework. By going to the Plugin>Add New option Search for “SEO DATA Transporter”.

SEO DATA Transporter plugin

Converting SEO DATA

Once you Installed the plugin click on the activate button and start the migration process from Yoast to SEO Framework.

Here you see two options:

Migrate from to the New SEO Plugin so, in the migrate from the section you should select Yoast and select SEO Framework as your new SEO plugin where you want to migrate to.

As I’ve selected those options you should do the same. In case if you want to migrate from a different SEO plugin to SEO Framework the process will be the same as shown in the screenshot.

Simply Click convert and you are done!

Right after you migrated from Yoast to SEO Framework you should delete the Yoast plugin. As keeping multiple SEO plugins at the same time is harmful for your website’s SEO health.

All of your SEO Settings will be migrated from Yoast to SEO Framework and you just need to create the new sitemap file and resubmit in the Google search console.

Adding New Sitemap

Let me quickly show you how to do that without the mess.

In the WordPress, sidebar select SEO and scroll down to the sitemap area or, or simply press CTRL+F and search for Sitemap you will be there.

Here you just need to click on the ” View the Base Sitemap option”.

A new tab will be opened where you can copy the URL for the new sitemap generated from SEO Framework.

After that go to your google search console sitemap area and delete all the sitemap URLs generated from the Yoast plugin.

Add a new sitemap URL Like these.

The process of adding a sitemap is successful.

Now if you want Some basic SEO settings in the SEO framework plugin you should go through their blog.

You will also learn how to optimize your website for Better search ranking and how the SEO framework can help you to automate the on-page SEO with the auto description feature.

I will also come up with a tutorial on “How to write a perfect blog post with page SEO using SEO Framework”.

So ending here for now!

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